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Terms of Use

Dear user, by posting an ad on, you automatically agree to the terms of use of the site:


  • you post copies of the ad
  • you post an ad too often using diffrent software - you post SPAM
  • the ad was submitted only for the purpose of promoting the site and does not bear any specific offer
  • the ad contains porn, erotica, dating and other questionable content
  • the ad offers items and services prohibited by the laws of UK
  • the ad contains information about the financial pyramids and everything related to them
  • the ad offers work on the Internet: reading mail, surfing, etc.
  • the ad offers hacking mail, ICQ, reading SMS, tracking the phone, breaking passwords, etc.
  • your ad received a copyright complaint
  • the ad is written in CAPITAL letters, or uses any other characters to highlight from the list

  • - the ad will be deleted!

It is forbidden to upload graphic and video materials depicting:

  • almost or completely naked people;
  • people in transparent or explicit clothing;
  • people in obscene or defiant poses;
  • chest, buttocks or crotch closeup.

Our moderators also reserve the right to remove or amend any ad without explanation.

By placing an ad on our website, the user bears full administrative and criminal responsibility: in the case of posting ads that are contrary to the current lawUK, your data can be transferred to law enforcement.

It is forbidden to indicate any contact information in the ad text: addresses, sites, phone numbers, emails. Use appropriate fields. After checking the ad by the moderator and publishing the ad becomes the property of the site. By posting a free ad, you consent to the use of your personal data. Once archived, the ad does not appear in the search results and does not appear on the list, all contact/personal data is hidden from site visitors. The administration of the site undertakes not to transfer the contact details of users to a third party, except as required by law.

The order of consideration of user requests. Feedback is very important to us, we take into account all requests when updating the site. We read all requests and try to respond, but we cannot guarantee a response to every request.

The site administration is not responsible for the information posted by users of the resource.

If you do not agree with these rules - please do not use the site

Revision of the rules of March 28, 2023. These rules are subject to change without notice to site users. The current version is available at: